The Foundation

The Broehan Design Foundation (BDF) was founded in Berlin in 2005 by the renowned design researcher and collector, Torsten Broehan.
The aim of the foundation is to give future generations a fundamental understanding of aesthetic design.
To achieve this aim, the Broehan Design Foundation (BDF) is creating a virtual design archive in addition to carrying out basic research on the history of design, undertaking research projects on selected personalities and topics and preparing exhibitions and publications in this field.
In pursuing its objectives, the foundation places special emphasis on design themes and designers overlooked by public research activities at museums, universities and art colleges.

It is the founder’s firm belief that, since the beginning of the 20th century, social developments and artistic achievements have manifested themselves uniquely in design. As a cultural phenomenon, design establishes values while at the same time having a political, enlightening and educational impact.

As a non-profit foundation, the Broehan Design Foundation (BDF) is entitled to receive donations in support of the purpose of the foundation, which is the promotion and advancement of science and research, training and education, art and culture.